Sunday, March 10, 2013

Deck Review: Groundbreaker

lets take a look at the basic deck out of the box. Groundbreaker
Out of the box this deck is very ready for casual play it has 2x Aftershock,
3x Rain of Tears4x Stone Rain,  3x Flowstone Flood that's 12 land destruction spells stone rain and rain of tears are your bread and butter, for the first couple turns sit back and make use of Nausea to rid of pesky 1/1s off the field and Diabolic Edict to rid of the bigger creatures. drop Thrull Surgeon (more land or creature destruction), Dauthi Slayer, Dauthi Jackal and Scalding Salamander asap and watch your opponent get mad as he is constantly at 1-2 lands many games i play end in a forfeit once i get out Volrath's Dungeon keeping there lands 1 more card away every turn  and with  Necrologia you can keep them at a stand still for many turns at the cost of some life(and you should stay at 20-18 from the opponents lack of playable creatures and spells).
As for editing the deck i wanted to throw in a jester's cap removing the Thopter Squadron so i could remove 3 more lands or 2 lands a Lightning Bolt etc. I  removed the Monstrous Hound and added a Noggle Bandit i had lying around for more unblockable damage. I also threw out an Anarchist not a bad card at all for the deck just 3 is many and tossed in a Helldozer. Finally for the final fuck you i quit you fucking asshole broken deck is broken would be 4x Strip Mine mana early game more land destruction late game and 2x Contaminated Ground for more early game fuckery you can leave that land out all game and it can only be used for black/colorless mana and 2 life every spell they play.

Cards on my mind:
Ravenous Baboons
Goblin Ruinblaster

This is by far one of my favorite decks for casual play 1v1's wins 4/5 times with a 100% chance to make your opponent annoyed. Even in multi player games i can usually slow down 2 decks if multi colored or just wreck the person with the most threatening deck.

Overall i score this deck a 4.5/5 and doubt ill find a theme deck i will rate higher, Thank you for reading and please leave comments on anything you think i could improve with the deck or my writing/appearance of my blog.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Giving my blog a magic the gathering theme

Expect to see more MTG themed posts, ill rate some decks i buy or build from my stock and post links to some decks other people have made usually under a casual theme. Comments will be very welcomed as i am always looking to improve my decks and value others ideas. I will be writing my first review on a theme deck from the exodus set Ground Breaker expect to see it in the next few days.